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its the freestyle dunking
it be like when my man cp gets j lipps wit the shiestmixxx then he be up in the air about to dunk it but yo my mans be puttin it around his back then grabbin it while in midday yo then he slam it so hard he rip the net kiddd
by yo its the jeepsta October 15, 2004
yo its a gangsta that dont show it cause they be undercover like that and they usually drive a hot ride like a renovated 6-fo but they can make anyone gangsta even chris novelli. see this kid is tryin so hard man wit all the clothes from nfl shop and all that piece but he's the man right thur like jur
yo jeepsta yo lemme get wit yo girl taisweeka
by yo its the jeepsta June 16, 2004
yo its the weedstick, homeland, or when you make the hotness dunk like my man blacks
ex 1: yo mon pass the baja mon
ex 2: yo mon its hot like the baja
ex 3: yo mon look at my mon jc with tha major baja up in this ice cream
by yo its the jeepsta June 16, 2004

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