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If you're rar, it means you are strange.
Norwegian: Du er så rar!
English: You are rar!
You are strange!
by YO March 17, 2004
automobile with the letters switched around and an extra "t"
stop being a buttamoole you big butt-mobile
by yo March 29, 2004
chinese FOOD said by a chinese person
You oda chinese foo!?
by yo May 04, 2004
an appendage of the male genetalia
charlie town eats penis for dinner!
by yo September 25, 2002
time pass
person1:wat u doin?
p2: nuthin man,jus tp
by yo November 30, 2003
wierd bitch, drama queen
Quin is a slut.
by yo March 16, 2003
the term used for any edible object used to pleasure oneself

usually inserted into the pussy
may also be inserted into the ass
Was that a cucumber in there?
No it was a banana.
Oh, wow she can take big vegetables
by yo May 13, 2004
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