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97 definitions by yo mama

(N). What Snoop Dogg uses to get his whites really white......

(fo shizzle.... my nizzle.)
"Bitch, you spizzled my 40 on my shirt. Go get the bleeatch," said Snoop.
by Yo Mama December 12, 2003
Jackass that loves to be annoying
by Yo Mama September 18, 2003
extremely low body fat combined with good musculature.
Lifting wieghts made me big, now dieting will get me ripped!
by yo mama September 15, 2003
Former second baseman Mark Lemke of the Atlanta Braves, 1988-1997. On the 1995 World Series Champion team. Also referenced numerous times on HomestarRunner.com
Lemke was a man....uh.....he was a short man!.....err......maybe he was just short......but he was still LEM-KE!!!!!!!!!
by yo mama July 20, 2003
a homosexual and retarded person.
hey, you are a really dumb faggotard! (used as a cuss)
by yo mamA March 21, 2005
what yo dad is and the reason that you're so messed up and evil taday.
Man, Jake's dad is such a bastardman
by Yo mama August 17, 2004
the portugese slang for (pedophilia)
EX:are you part of the costa and the G's?.....usualy used for someone who cannot pick-up chicks his age due to a lack of charm and a lack in the penal area.
by yo mama October 05, 2004