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1.(adj) soft movements and actions of a person -mostly used to describe males.
2.usually to describe a male that is straight yet has soft mannerisms that closely dictate a females actions and movements.(most of the time the male does not know he acts in that manner)
1.)I know he's not gay but he's sort of panzy.
by yo mama November 14, 2004
Girls who hang around a fraternity in hopes of finding a boyfriend/husband. Usually they find neither but end up geting fucked by numeroius members of the fraternity.
I hope this semester we get some new little sisters!
by yo mama September 16, 2003
A fun web-based game, often compared to Neopets, that is at www.bootleggers.us
Bootleggers is my faveroite web-based game.
by Yo Mama January 18, 2005
doin the nastyyy.. gettin dirty on the dance floor.
Dos bitches were freakin on the dance floor.
by yo mama June 26, 2003
to suck a womans nice beautiful toes
let me suck yor nice ass toes
by yo mama March 06, 2004
giving a blow job
she loves playing the one hole skin flute
by yo mama September 11, 2003
Use it when you want to say "Jesus!" but don't want to use the lords name in vain.
Holy Jizzus that was a hell of a par-teh!
by Yo Mama October 17, 2003
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