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The disgusting stuff that comes out of yours ass when you push. It is also eaten by cockroaches. Occasionally little kids eat their own poop.
Mommy: "Billy did you just eat your own poop?"
Billy: "Yes."
Mommy: "Oh."
by yo mama March 30, 2005
i love alchohol,cigarettes,drugs and sex woohoo!!!!
woohhooo why kead a borring life when it could be fun and sexual
by yo mama January 16, 2005
Guns n' Roses (is that like, n' sync?)




Dream Theater

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Chili's are the best on that list and do deserve some of the credit they receive.But I just "HATE" when bands are grossly overrated.
by yo mama October 27, 2004
a old person who is extremly old.
a person who LOVE's evan with all their heart. they usually have red hair and looks like halloween when they wear black! not that thats a bad thing! but its only usually! and they are also OLD . like realllyy old.
im old and i love evan white, ANDD im tonja!
by yo mama March 19, 2005
A homosexual male. A double entendre because cake is not a particularly masculine food and cake eater kind of sounds like cock eater.
That boy is a cake eater.
by yo mama September 11, 2003
That's Yoda, you idiot.
All I got from my Yoga class was a butt.
by yo mama July 20, 2003
see cool
is that a nimbus 2003? keveliz, duuuude!
by yo mama September 25, 2003

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