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A person who has a psychological need to receive @replies and pings on twitter, attention at tweetups, facebook status update comments, and facebook likes.

This person usually becomes aroused almost sexually by seeing or hearing themselves or about themselves on social media websites.
"Dude this chick thinks she's the shit cause @aplusk is following her on twitter...Yeah, she's she's just a social media whore"
by yiseowl December 03, 2009
The ultimate bro. The person who a normal bro strives to be like. He is usually the big dick of the fraternity, or whatever social circle he's part of for that matter. He can play 14 games of Beirut and still be game to play a whole nine innings of Wiffle-Beer. He is usually found wearing extra fresh bro's clothes (e.g. Polo cap with leather adjustable buckle, rugby shirts, designer sweats, etc). A bro's bro's apartment is usually equipped with a bar.

Could also referred to as a "bro of a bro"
Bro: What are you doing this weekend?

Bro's bro: I'm playing in this flag football tournament in Vegas. Plane leaves in a few hours, gotta get a quick workout in before I board - should be a fun flight, I'm gonna get fucked up!

Bro: You're the man!
by yiseowl September 02, 2010
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