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2 definitions by yimmyTAYLOR

To be intoxicated on painkillers to the point that your eyes are rolling to the back of your head. Usually adding marijuana within the hour after you take the painkillers it could double your rock. Rocked is strictly used for being on opiate painkillers (hydro/oxycodone, morphine, hydro/oxymorphone, etc.), except heroin, because heroin is just a completely different level of rocked.
1. I ate that whole roxi 30 last night and i was rocked off my ass.

2. I'm so rocked.
by yimmyTAYLOR May 15, 2011
Street slang in the western Chicago suburbs for Dilaudid (hydromorphone). A strong opioid pain killer.
1. Man, I was so rocked off of those D boys the other night

2. That D boy had me sleepin yesterday
by yimmyTAYLOR June 16, 2011