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The finished product of Hash with Tobacco(or anything else).
When you heat up the hash and butter it on a chopped cigarette or on chopped weed. When you doing it you making ksesa.
1:Dude,you brought cigarettes? we need to make ksesa.
2: I wanna roll a joint,u got rizla and ksesa?
by yifty the junky August 23, 2008
An urge,a crave. Urge for drugs,food,anything.
1:Dude,you have boof? Im in duda
2:Man,lets pick a burger,i didnt have for a while and im in duda.
by yifty the junky August 23, 2008
Hash,a piece of hash.
Boof cigarette - A piece of hash that has a ratio of 1:1 with cigarettes. You use 1 cig on it.
Boof 2 cigarettes - A piece of hash with ratio of 1:2 with cigarettes. You use 2 cigs on it.
1:Man,you have boof to smoke?
2:Dude,can u give me boof?
3:Who want to open the boof? we need 2 cigs.
by yifty the junky August 23, 2008

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