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Papaya farm is an iPhone/ iPod Touch app that was recently taken off the app store. It is a game where you have your own farm and ranch and can plant crops and have animals. It also has games like moonwalker, blackjack, Texas Hold 'em Poker, diamond, chess, puzzle bobble, linlink, reversi, five in a row, and parking war. However, some people use it as an app to meet and interact with random strangers. They create very strong bonds with these people and become addicted. They become so addicted that they cannot even delete the app. And on the rare occasion that they do, they download the app again because they can't live without it. Some papayans have even jailbroken their ipod just to have the app. Yes, it's sad. People make signs for each others, share pictures, celebrate their "papsaversary", and much more. They create such strong bonds with the people on papaya that they call, text, and even skype each other. They go on papaya every chance they get. They have fights, they make up, they tell each other secrets, etc. Papaya farm basically an app where you can create friendships with other people, papaya is like a family. They help each other out, the people you'll meet on papaya are so amazing that you'll want to keep in touch with them forever.

person 2: Uh, whats papaya?

person 1: Oh y'know, this app that I originally downloaded to plant crops and stuff but ended up creating really strong bonds with random strangers. :)

person 2: .-.
by yhalodur September 25, 2010

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