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A girl in high school-college/university. Bro Ho's hang out with guys all the time, even though guys don't wan't to be "just friends". They don't have many girl friends because they are jealous and/or intimidated by the Bro Ho's. They wear make-up all the time and post pictures of themselves on facebook to make them look better than they actually are. Bro Ho's do not have a high IQ but are as rich as f*$k because of their parents and spend the money on slutty clothes, pimped-out trucks and gigantic Starbucks drinks. Bro Ho's flirt A LOT even though they are not looking for a real relationship and cannot be taken seriously in one.
1: "Hey, did you see that chick over there!"

"That ain't a chick, that's a Bro Ho!"

2: "I think Emily really likes me. She's HOT and she flirts with me all the time!"

"Nah, she's does that to every guy. She's just a Bro Ho."

3: "Did you see Sarah over there? Yeah, she's DEFINITELY a Bro Ho!"
by yetties539 April 08, 2012

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