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1. An awkward animal that doesn't cope with society because no one likes it and is loathed EVEN by the platypus, God's last creation when he was slacking near the end of the seven days.

2. Def not a hippopotamus (dumb conclusion)

3. Something you can call someone who just embarrassed themselves in a group of 3 or more people

Dude 1: "yo you alright brah?"

Dude 2: yea man, I saw a potamus walk across the road. I hit it cause I did it and the world a favor."

Dude 1: "you are a god among pota...what's potamus in plural form?"

Dude 2: "Potamins...idiot."


Girl 1: "Who told you a potamus has ANYTHING to do with a hippopotamus? just cause it's part of the word doesn't mean it's related."

Girl 2: "what's a potamus?"

Girl 1: "...your mom's a potamus."


Bro 1: "Awww broseph you missed it!"

Bro 2: "What went down? My speakers go up to 11 so I couldn't here shit."

Bro 1: "That girl just made a total potamus of herself in front of her own RAs by telling them that she doesn't even go here."

Bro 2: "wow...what a potamus."

Bro 1: "I like potamu...potamettes."
by yetihunter3000 August 21, 2009

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