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the hottest, sexiest, most desirable species on the planet.
can seduce any living human being (with the exception of the gay man) with a solitary glance. usually pass as straight but when seen romantically with another woman all jaws in the vicinity drop.
John (straight): Holy shit! Did you just see that lipstick lesbian? Uhhh I think I need to excuse myself to the restroom for a moment...

Sara (straight): Wow look at that lipstick lesbian! She is really beautiful. I can't believe she is gay.. I really want to have sex with her!

Lindsay (lesbian): Heelllllllllooooooo lipstick lesbian!
by yesiam June 03, 2007
A straight individual who is has/ or is not opposed to having sexual relations with the same sex.

Predominantly found in straight women who enjoy making out with other females.

A hetero-flexible person is most likely to engage is same-sex sex zero to several times. However, would not be against a a relationship with the same sex.

Also could be considered bi-curious.
Jamie: Is that woman making out with the hot blonde girl a lesbian?

Suzy: No, just another hetero-flexible.

Jamie: Damn.
by yesiam June 03, 2007

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