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9 definitions by yeshua2000

Knowledge gained by googling, not gained from books or experience. Usually learned for a quick overview of a subject or to answer someone's question and pretend to know more than you really know.
He answered my question with what sounded like googledge, but he didn't really know what he was talking about.
by yeshua2000 March 25, 2009
Meeting + Beating. A work meeting where the manager gives a verbal beating to employees.
Our weekly work meetings are becoming beetings given by the managers.
by yeshua2000 March 25, 2009
Term for those born in the 2010 decade.
MMX is 2010 in Roman Numerals.
The first baby born on on New Years Day in 2010 is the first Generation MMX 'er!
by yeshua2000 January 01, 2010
Ridiculous, nonsensical, or imaginary word made up for the express purpose of impressing someone or being published on Urban Dictionary.
Bill - "Bob, you're such a cougar monkey."

Bob - "Bill, what the hell kind of pseudoword is Cougar Monkey, you just plain sh*t that word from thin air."
Bill - "Dunno, sounded good at the time, sheesh, don't be such a cougar monkey!"
by yeshua2000 April 02, 2010
A Airline ticket for fat people that is actually two tickets for one person that is too fat to fit in one seat.
Your momma is so fat, she has to buy two fat seat tickets instead of one fat seat ticket

by yeshua2000 April 21, 2009
When two or more people are thinking the same thing at the same time. The synchronicity of thinking the same thing at the same time and sometimes saying it at the same time.
Joe: You know what I'm thinking Mary?
Joe and Mary: Arby's!
Joe: How did you know what I was thinking, women's intuition?
Mary: No, it was just thinkchronicity.
Bob: I'm thinking Arby's
Joe and Mary: Duh!
by yeshua2000 September 13, 2010
A buffet where you stuff yourself silly with food. Another word for "All you can eat buffet".

Man, I ate way too much at the Chinese stuffet!
by yeshua2000 April 21, 2009