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Not goth. It's a style for kids who got rejected from that whole society because they whined too much to be goth. Often, they DO listen to the same music. However, that doesn't make the goth a poser. It makes the emo have a good taste in music. They still today try to fit with goths, but fail because us goths can't handle this: "My life sucks! Why can't I just fit in with everyone else like those goths do? I'm going home to cut myself now, GOD!!!"
emo: "Can I hang out with you to cut ourselves together?"
goth: "What? Why do you want to cut yourself? Honestly, you are SUCH a poser!"
emo: "That's why I want to. No one understands me!"
goth: "Everyone understands. You wear too much makeup, and you're a poser. Now excuse me, I'm getting ready to actually deal with my life."
emo: "I wish I could, but I can't get the black abyss of tortured souls out of my mind. They kill my breath off every-"
goth: "Okay, then, bye!"
by yes,yes-i-am May 30, 2011

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