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just the hipest cat out, smokes weed ereday. always wears shorts ( unless its important for him not to ) can do backflips, totally digs beenie's and snap back's can do a front flip. hetro life mate is someone called Zakk Bryce also a mad kunt. T-dos can pull billys like a champ and drinks like a bitch, but his impressive bud smoking skills make up for his lack of drinking ability. just to sum up the person that is T-dos ......................... A FUCKING MAD KUNT. who hates douche bags and wankers and kuric big headed mother fucker.
Oi T-dos come have a billy.
"yo who is that fresh cat rocking those hip kicks?"
"oi nah kunt thats T-dos"
"tru god"
"what a mad kunt".
by yerbrowhatsup? November 22, 2011

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