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When a man shoves a small slender needle like object up his penis hole giving him a painful sensation that is only satisfying to virgin loosers without girlfreinds. I can also result in a man with a small penis sticking it into another mans pisshole.
How sad, you had pisshole sex with tommy.
by yepsl February 18, 2005
a vagina on a man mi niggas!
Pete's mangina was ultra hot last night. I won some serious ass.
by yepsl February 16, 2005
Noun-a name that you call someone when you are not happy with them. It is also a word for a male bitch.

adjective- a word similar to fuck which desctribes a noun in no clear way so all you know is that that thing is basturd. It can also be used as an adverb.
That basturdly basturd gave me a basturd porno magizine to jizz to.
by yepsl February 18, 2005

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