1 definition by yep22

A tall, pale, skinny, Ethiopian-like bitch with a huge nose. She usually believes that she is correct and everyone else is wrong. If you question her, she always seems to have another excuse made up and is pulling it out from her non-existing, bony ass before you even say anything. Her vocabulary usually consists of the words "Rad" and "Vagina" because she is 10 years old. She believes that she is an amazing actress and that she will get somewhere with her Theater Degree. She wants her boyfriend to fail miserably at all of his goals and dreams so that he is forced to attend college with her. She also has absolutely no faith in his music ability and isn't afraid to let others know as long as he doesn't find out about it. She should be on pills because she is a psycho. She likes to put words in other peoples mouths and make herself look like the victim. Her bark is much, much bigger than her bite and she needs to know that no one is afraid of her.
"Man, that girl Madison is a raging bitch."
by yep22 April 08, 2009

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