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an example of tough-talk. Adding an "O" onto the end of a name is a way to further familiarize that person, like Jacko or Danno; the same goes in Spanish by adding "-ito" to the end of names- Pablito, Pappito, etc. however, because the word being used here is "friend", the resultant "friendo" is intended as sarcasm. as in the stylistic flim "No Country..", which popularized it, the antogonist using it clearly has no concern for his subject, evidenced by the fact that on a whim, (a coin-toss), he could instantly kill his muse. Similarly, using the word bucko, buddy, or pal while addressing someone can imply a slight threat to them, given the context. Clint Eastwood was a master in this camp.
Mind lowering your music there, friendo, it's getting a bit unnerving. (Implying) If you don't, I may have to do it for you.
by Yemoss December 29, 2007
speaking in a tone intended to threaten your subject or audience, for the sole purpose of coercing them into believing or doing something; threaten. Common among politicians, law enforcement, gangsters, wiseguys, athletes, coaches, teachers. Best when used subtly.
Subtle tough-talk: (After being cut off by a freshly-licensed driver, at the red light, I got out of my car and went up to the driver's window). " You keep driving like that and someone's going to get hurt, and it isn't going to be me."

Overt tough-talk: "Oh, you don't understand me? No problemo, my fist speaks five languages."
by yemoss December 29, 2007
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