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cheese puffing or cheese puffed, is when someone is either super tired, or "cashed out" from the night before, mostly from drinking, or possibly doing drugs! kind of like a hangover
me: yo look at that dude, he is totally cheese puffing

friend: no kidding, he must of had a rough night!

friend#2: I was cheese puffed a couple morning's ago, not the greatest feeling! ,
by yelramassylakehcayub11 March 04, 2012
Indian hot boxing, is when you're hot boxing a ton of fucking weed, and just when everyone is stoned as fuck, someone lights a smoke and hot boxes that smoke as well.
me: yo who wants to light a dart so we can Indian hot box this?

friend: I'm right on it!

me: we're gonna get waay more high then we already are bro!

friend#2: Indian hot boxing is deadly!
by yelramassylakehcayub11 March 04, 2012

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