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The Wangsta is a person of Asian or Pacific Island decent who embraces the hip hop style and culture. Wangsta's typically are seen in major cities driving their "riced out" economy cars while blasting rap music at high volume. The term wangsta is derived from wanksta which is the wangstas caucasian counterpart. Many Wangsta's attend prestigious universities such as Berkeley or UCLA and have joined the fad of "playing gangsta" to either fit in or to appear tough. Many Asian males choose this loud gaudy lifestyle to make up for their tiny penises. Wangsta's have been spotted in nearly every major city in America but seem to prefer the west coast possibly due to the climate being closer to that of their poverty and disease infested homelands. The main Wangsta population is comprised of: 30% Korean 20% Chinese 15% Japanese with the remaining 35% split amongst the "Dirty Asians" ie Filipinos,Vietnamese, Cambodians, and the rest of the monkey faced sub-human primates. Wangsta's typically adress each other by the term "nigga" and many also participate in Dance crews at a further attempt to assimalate African American Ghetto culture. Wangsta's are also known as "Chiggers" (chinese niggers)
"Did you see that Chinaman breakdancing?" What a wangsta!

"That little gook thinks hes Tupac" Haha typical Oakland Wangsta.
by yellowplague April 16, 2011
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