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a) Time you've given yourself to shower after deciding to jerk off before an event.
b) Typically before work, meeting someone for an activity or dinner, or school.
c) Searching for the perfect porn scene typically takes precedence over getting ready on time, limiting the time to shower.
Friend 1 , "Sorry buddy, I had to rush to get ready..."
Friend 2 , "One Minute Shower huh?"
Friend 1 , "Yeah, too many good scenes."
by yellowjacket_34 September 14, 2008
a) when a ape is scalded with anything that scalds, it is reported that they have unimaginable speed as they run.
b) often refered to cars or motorcyles with an overly large amount of Horse Power and are able to accelerate quickly and achieve high speeds.
c) when describing someone that either 1. runs very quickly to avoid danger 2. just runs quickly or 3. anything fast
The robber entered the convenince store and pulled out a large caliber handgun. My friend Jason, seeing the gun, ran out the back door like a Scalded Ape.
by yellowjacket_34 September 06, 2008

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