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when your younger sister is having a slumber party with all of her friends downstairs, and from the banister of the stairs you fire a load you’ve been saving since you heard of your sister’s Saturday night plans onto each of her friends from a height of approximately 8-12 feet.
Sarah had a slumber party last night and I gave each of her friends an Alabaster Flying Squirrel.
#squirrel #slumber party #sister #stairs #load
by yellowjacket34 March 26, 2008
when placing a dip of copenhagen or other forms of chew in your upper lip instead of lower.
My lower gums are sore so i put a cat in the attic
#copenhagen #chew #gums #lips #tobacco
by yellowjacket34 March 26, 2008
when a person of a “white-trash” lifestyle cums in their daughter’s face Christmas Morning as she sleeps waiting for Santa.
Roy came home from the bar at four in the morning after the Potato Festival Christmas Eve party and gave Abby-Joe an Alabama Christmas Morning.
#christmas #daughter #white-trash #alabama #morning
by yellowjacket34 March 26, 2008
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