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Not one definition is accurate so far, so as a native, obligated to correct. Fresno's population has increased up to near three quarters million. Known for being extremely agriculture and provides the rest of California with nearly all of its grapes, milk, almonds and many other fruits and vegetables.

Bad things: the weather hits the extremes. summers are very hot, avgs mid to high 90s-and never a surprise if a day hits 110. winters just the opposites, overnight will below freeze yet no snow. several bad foggy days. Most definitely not a place to go to college. Fresno State is the only 4 year university, though a new community college has erupted in the nicer area of Fresno. The air pollution is extremely bad, research has shown children that grow up in Fresno develop their lungs differently than people in other better air quality cities. Being in the middle of the valley there are not many extra curricular activities near the city. Crime is extremely bad however, especially in certain areas. Certain regions of Fresno LEAD the state in homocides, armed robberies, grand theft auto alternatively throughout the years. The gang, the "Bulldogs" which take after the city's college mascot (Fresno State Bulldogs) are extremely dangerous and dominate crips and bloods in the area--many high schools across the city ban wearing solid red or bulldog mascot shirts. Good amount of poverty.

Good things- being in the middle of valley seems bad but also has benefits. Is less than 2 hours drive to the beach, opposite way less than that to the mtns for sierra summit(skiing/snowboarding). and 30 to 90min to bass and hunnington lake a very nice cabin type resort area. Millterton Lake is extremely accessible, less than 20min drive--skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, camping, tubing. Fresno is also the beginning norcal city that starts to have good weed. The more north you go, the better the bud known saying ends in fresno, i now live in socal and cry everytime i smoke(total shwag). Also a great place to grow up and raise a family--real estate is much cheaper in fresno in its expanding domain. High schools are some of the best in the state. Our schools constantly compete in national titles across all sports. Fresno, CA high school teams will be in the top 25 rankings across sports every year. Relatively low cost of living.

Things to know (attractions): The fashion fair mall includes many unique shops and stores as well as all the high class name brand stores as well. River park--an open typed mall area--extremely nice, a very good amount of money put into it. holds a 21 theatre Edwards Regal cinema + a 2 screen 3D cinema and many shops and food options. As well as 2 different water parks. Ex San Francisco 49er Tim McDonald has put much back into his native city including Chuckchansi park, an extremely nice youth league sports park, as well as Worlds Sports Cafe, very popular sports bar/dining. Fresno has produced stars such as himself, Ricky Manning Jr. (NFL cornerback), David Carr (NFL quarterback), Kevin Federline, Jennifer Alcorn (female boxer), many others.
Fresno- FresYes. The NO, nickel nickel nine (559), F-NO
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by yellowbuss August 04, 2009
The urge to jerk the wheel of your car while traveling at excessive speeds due to high levels of stress or random feelings of depression.
Fuck work man, I was so close to wheel jerking on the freeway on my way home.
by yellowbuss November 01, 2015
A combined term of peace and later to form peacelates. Originated in santa cruz area of California and slowly spreading through coastal regions and the valley of California. Normally always used simply for saying bye.
(friend gets out of car)(gives friend handshake from their region)."peacelates man."
#peace #lates #later #bye #see ya
by yellowbuss August 04, 2009
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