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A boy or man normally Gay, who is into urine, piss, pee in a sexual way for pleasure. A sexual fetish. A Pissboy likes to be pissed on, over his body and or drinks piss. His own or from another boys cock either direct or from a urinal, toilet or other places. A Pissboy can be a Sex Slave used as a Urinal to a Master. Two Pissboys, can share piss together as part of there sexual act.
My Pissboy buddy came over to my house and he drank my piss.
by Yellowboy16 July 06, 2010
A boy or man usually Gay that is submissive and a slave to a Master or Dom and enjoys Gay Sex in toilets, cottages or kept at home to serve as a toilet. A Gay Sex Pig, like a Pissboy that drinks piss from boys cocks or is pissed over for sexual pleasure. A Toiletboy becomes the toilet himself. he drinks piss from cocks, urinals and toilets. Licks dirty toilets and drinks piss and or eats shit. He farms Shit, Scat from toilets to eat later.
I went into the Mens Room to find a Toiletboy eating and drinking from the toilet.
by yellowboy16 July 06, 2010
The act of urinating in your partners mouth and then kissing. In the Gay BDSM community Gay Pigs and or Pissboys who engage and enjoy sexually the act of Watersports, to urinate in each other mouths, to drink piss and then to kiss. A Pisskiss.

I term of endearment is gay Social Networking.
You are the greatest Pissmate I love it when we Pisskiss.
by Yellowboy16 September 13, 2010
A term of endearment in the Gay BDSM commuinity to Gay Pigs and Pissboys To show love toward another Pissboy and his actions in watersports.

Used in Social Networking. Pisslove, To show your love for a Pissboy.
My pissmate loves when we pisskiss. He's my greatest pisslove. Its great to meet you my Pissboy buddy. Pisslove Pissmate.
by Yellowboy16 September 13, 2010
A Pissmate, in the Gay BDSM community is a Mate, Buddy, Pal or freind that is a Pissboy. A buddy who is also into Gay Watersports. A term of endearment in social networking.
My friends are meeting up tonight with other Pissmates for a sex party.
by Yellowboy16 September 10, 2010
The act of kissing in the Gay BDSM commuinity of kissing with Cum, Semen from ejaculation during a sexual act, to Cum into your partners mouth to eat then swallow and then share by kissing.
My gay buddy and I love to cum in each others mouths and Cumkiss.
by Yellowboy16 September 10, 2010
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