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Cypher + Prose = Cyprose

Think about it. Nas did. 10 years ago.

Nas is the greatest.
Then i rose, wiping the blunts ash from my clothes
Then froze only the blow the herb smoke through my nose
And told my little man that i'm a go CYPROSE
Left some jewels in HIS skull that he can sell if he chose
Words of wisdom from nas try to rise up above
Keep an eye out for jake shorty wop
One love
by Yellowboy December 13, 2007
The act of having your nipples protrude out of your shirt, as if to be actually hiding skittles candies underneath your shirt.

If you are smuggling skittles, you most definitely have nip rocks.
1. Dude, you ever watch the Friends episodes where Jennifer Aniston looks like she's smuggling skittles?

2. That shirt is so tight, you look like you're smuggling skittles.

3. Don't wear a bra...guys love girls who look like they're smuggling skittles.
by yellowboy February 12, 2004
Protruding nipples that look like they can cut diamonds. Usually visible around colder climates and erotic situations.

Nip rocks can be seen underneath shirts, which automatically qualify the girls to be smuggling skittles
Bless that girl with them visible nip rocks. She look like she be smuggling skittles.
by yellowboy February 12, 2004
- great rhymes
- great flow
- great delivery
- poetry

**accompanied by great production**

Antonym: 50 Cent, Eminem. Ja Rule
Yo that new Blackstar joint is Kwelity...
by yellowboy February 11, 2004
stabbed in the starfish by a big hairy penis.
Eminem 'gasms when he gets colon-cocked.
by yellowboy July 09, 2005
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