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shut mouth; no thoughts or sounds from the mouth of a person
Person1: imma do suttin to keep that stupid bitches jaww tight.
person2: slap dat bitch that'll shut her up
by yello January 15, 2004
juss having meaningless conversation with ppl that r more intelligent then that
yo lets bullshit
by yello January 04, 2004
A term used to greet or annoy others when one is not bothered to speak in a normal manner.
Person 1: "Hey there, how are you going"
Person 2: "Merr"
by Yello March 11, 2005
1. a time of hardship
2. an expression used by odl white people
3. 400 years long
1. "damn yo this work is lasting a cotton picking minute home"
2. "wait a cotton picking minute young mister"
3. simple black man:"damn they was cotton picking for a minute"
educated black man: "abtou 400 somthing years to be exact"
by yello January 04, 2004

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