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9 definitions by yellebelle

To give the condensed version of a story.

Similar to long story short
Guy: You will never believe what happened on my date!
Girl: What?
Guy: Well, I was getting ready to leave and she calls me to change plans and the I was like, "I made reservations" and she was like "oh okay nevermind, come pick me up" so then I was like, "okay I'll be right there and then...
Girl: Just give me the Campbell's soup version.
Guy: Okay...all in all it was a good date
by yellebelle February 23, 2011
17 7
The visible line at a woman's jawline where her makeup meets her natural skin tone
That girl would be so pretty if her tide lines weren't so obvious
by yellebelle August 29, 2009
5 1
The thin circle of paper available to put over the toilet seat in a public restroom.
"Dude, I would have gotten herpes from that bathroom if it wasn't for the ring of safety!"
by yellebelle August 21, 2009
5 1
The easier and more polite way to say "God Damn Cock Sucking Mother Fucker" while at work or in public.
Sue- "what?"
Bob- "I just got a papercut."
by yellebelle June 27, 2009
4 3
Proper Noun.

Scientific name for a Holy Roller. Translates to "Maximum Bible Thumper".
ATTENTION: Please refrain from feeding the Holy Rollers (also known as Biblium Thumperian Maximus) as it cause undue stress to Athiests.
by yellebelle April 20, 2011
2 2
Stupid Ugly Mood Swings. The male equivalent of P.M.S.
I'm sick of your S.U.M.S., it's like you're P.M.S.ing!
by yellebelle August 19, 2009
1 3
A way of telling your friend something bad about them by way of saying you've had that problem before. Coined by Tyra Banks. (e.g. body odor)
"You know, I used to use that natural rock deodorant before too and it totally didn't work for me. My body odor was terrible."

"Do you think it works for me?"

"No. I was just sameing to make you feel better."
by yellebelle July 28, 2009
2 4