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This also applies to any car part from Japan, especially motors. Even if they offer no benefit over those available elsewhere (or are actually worse due to parts availability and shady importers) ricers will pay HUGE amounts of money for them. The tax is only increased if the motor was ever mentioned in an anime or used for early drifting.
You could build a B20 frankenstein motor with 225hp using parts from a CR-V and Integra for junkyard prices, but ricers STILL pay thousands for a worn out, probably stolen 200hp "JDM" motor.

Then there's the JDM wheels and body parts, which can cost thousands for no benefit at all. Ricer Tax is especially huge for JDM wheels, even if they're tiny, ugly and offer no benefit over a decent set of aftermarket wheels.
by yelawolf July 03, 2011

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