3 definitions by yee tsun

provoking or intending to provoke thexual interest or arouthol.
that thquirral over there ith damn thexthy
by yee tsun October 27, 2003
A bung homosupial often found dwelling in forks of trees. Sits and looks often and does little else. Often confused with Australian marsupial Koala which also licks their arms and sprawls out to cool themselves.

Eats chiiiggaaahn and needs cuddles often as well as the occasional pump.
The squirrel then proceeded to throw the nut at the koaka thus knocking him out of his tree.
by yee tsun October 23, 2003
a homosexual marsupial.
that homosupial is ass raping that alpha male.
by yee tsun October 27, 2003

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