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2 definitions by yeaisaidthat4

A person with roller coaster like emotions, usually beginning with intense anger bursts followed by extreme joy as if someone flipped a switch. Excessive talking of the douche dialect. Commonly known to be of spanish origin.

A person who doesn't handle their alcohol well. Jackass induced behaviors after consuming a minimal amount of alcohol.
Boss was so annoying today, he's such a Joot Rod.

That Joot Rod is rolling around on the floor again, how much did he have to drink?

He's looking a little lopsided in the scrot department, very Joot rod-like
by yeaisaidthat4 June 28, 2011
n. A cloth or towel repeatedly used for the sole purpose of ejaculating into or cleaning up post sex-messiness.
In my case, I use a Mr. Met towel for such purposes as my Wankerchif being this is about the equivalent of the state of their organization.
by yeaisaidthat4 July 18, 2012