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an ugly, stupid, BITCH whose sole purpose in life is to produce bastard babies, and feels no remorse. She is a huge, herpes-infested slut, who can't take care of a kid. She resembles and is often mistaken for Godzilla. She admits to being a fat *HIPPO-crite *hypocrie and a cheater and a boyfriend stealer. She is a huge shit talker; you can avoid her because one feels an earth quake when she approaches. Her physique is nothing less than flabby, just like her vagina. She smells like all the ocean's dead, rotten, fungus-infested fish. And she's horribly grotesque. She's also envious of all, and it's no wonder why. Beware of this hairy beast, who also resembles Chewbacca (mostly because of her hairy back);
Siamese Pregnant Whale= Jessica
by yeah, the real BEAUTIFUL one August 24, 2008

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