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When a man sticks his penis into a woman's vagaina...duh!
Jake and Tori were on a date at a fine Italian resturant. During the entire dinner, Jake kept feeling an erection coming but tried to hold it back. After dinner, Tori invited Jake over for some wine. He agreed, obviously, and drove to her apartment. They walked into the door and he sat on the couch while she poured the wine. She walked into the room with a glass in each hand. She handed it to him and sat next to him. They drank their first glass and filled it up again. Jake suddently looked at Tori and felt the urge to rip her clothes off. He instead grabbed her and gave her a kiss. The kiss grew, the wine glasses were placed on the table w/o breaking their kiss. Jake picked up Tori, who wrapped her legs around him, and carried her into her bedroom. As he laid her down, she began to unbutton his shirt. He started messing with her shirt and her bra strap. He laid down next to her and slid off her bottoms. She did the same to him. He grabbed a condom out of his wallet and rolled it on. She laid down on the bed waiting. He slowly slid his penis into her vagina as she moaned. She kept moaning until he nailed her g-spot. She had her first orgasm of the night and it certainly wouldn't be the first :). After Jake blew his load, he fell asleep with her...

(sex is important lol :))
by yeabuddy September 12, 2009

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