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what black people call aliens, usually when they are flipping out and blowing up the ghetto with lasers.

hey mamma them space niggas is straight going bookoo bonkas up in here
by yea bro August 09, 2007
engaging in sexual intercourse on the top of a staircase, pulling out before ejaculation and riding the female down the stairs like a snow sled.

*see also jamaican bobsled team
That chicks beat but she's at least good for a tobagon.
by yea bro August 08, 2007

a session of coddleing. sometimes on a friends couch. sometimes involving feelsy upsies and may lead to sticky insies when the proper coddle technique is applied.
we had a nice little coddle sesh, but i didnt stick it in.
by yea bro August 09, 2007
similar to a tobagon

the act of four black guys gangbanging a chick on top of a staircase and then riding her down.
The hooker asked, "Would you negros care for a jamaican bobsled team?"
by yea bro August 08, 2007
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