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1. A form of rock that adds elements of jazz and clasical to create long, inspiring kick-ass rock symphonies.
2. Sub Genre of rock Played by Genesis, ELP, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, and best of all, the prog rock band, the most underrated and awe-inspiring band of all time, the one filled to bursting with talent and creativity: Yes!
3.Yes' Close To The Edge and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon are the best progressive rock albums of all time. If u have ears, hate pop, and have a brain, and possibly acess to drugs, pick them the f**K up!!!!!!!
1. The Gates Of Delerium is a Progressive Rock song
2. Yes owns progressive rock.
3. Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here and Yes' Relayer or Fragile rock too!
by ye'olde YESHEAD!!! November 29, 2003
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