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Green eyes are sexiest because they are colored but not as common as blue eyes, they're exotic without being as boring as brown eyes.
Green eyes are like precious emeralds
by yayo April 12, 2005
murphy lee's chips
I need some kool-aid....with my red hot riplets!
by Yayo January 02, 2004
During Sex Doggy-Style, When Close To Climax You Pull Out And Spit On Your Partners Back... Then Tap There Shoulder, When They Turn Around You Unleash The Wrath All Over There Chin!
She Thought Id Cum, Until She Turned After The Trick Spit And Came Face To Face With My Man Milk

She Was Boogled When I Came All Over Her Face, She Cried "Where'd You Get The Rest Of That From!!!?"
by Yayo June 25, 2004
The Art Of Gathering Enough Spit... And Releasing It At The Right Time Upon Ure Partner, To Make Them Think You Have Cum, Used In Conjunction WithThe-False-Cum
I Got The Trick Spit Perfect Last Night On Her Back She Tunrd To A Milky Greeting...

I Trick Spitted That Bitch...
by Yayo June 25, 2004
A Female Or Male Who Bites Upon There Partners Foot When It Inserted Into There Mouth Unwillingly During A Bout Of Anal
I Looked On As Jonno Put His Foot Into Craigs Mouth, Craig Had No Idea Of This Occurance And Didnt Appreciate Such A Feat So Chomped On Jonnos Foot
by Yayo June 25, 2004
A person who has done jail time and fulfils four or more of the following criteria:

1) Is from a broken home, particularly with herion addicted parents
2) Is a herion addict
3) Slit an old lady's throat for 35 cents
4) Stole the faceplate of your car stereo rendering it useless
5) Uses Salvation Army vouchers to eat, yet drives a $70,000 dumped BMW
6) Asks 5 year olds if they are 'chasing'.
7) Someone stupid enough to get caught and go to prison in the first place.

Shoot these people in the face on sight. There is no such thing as reform or public reintegration.
1). Stupid junkie parolee stole my car stereo faceplate!
2). Stupid junkie parolee is selling 10kg of coke to an undercover cop!
by Yayo December 13, 2004
Someone Who Either Has Duck-Like Facial Features, Also A Name Homosexuals Call Each Other!!
Quack Quack! U Have An Uncanny Resemblance To A Duck Tosh....
by Yayo June 25, 2004

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