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A bunch of lies fundies teach to children in school. Included in most curriculums are falsehoods intended to scare students into abstinence, such as:
-Exaggerated condom failure rates
-Exaggerated rates of STD transmission among sexually active members of all demographics, but especially teenagers and gay (or bisexual) men
-Exaggerated risk of dying during an abortion (if abortion is discussed at all), and/or exaggerated risks of depression and other potential side effects of abortion
-Claims that most religions consider sex to be innately evil. Two problems with this:
1. Most religions consider sex a positive (or even Sacred) thing, and
2. Church and State are separate, so this drivel is irrelevant in a school setting anyway
-Many other laughable, obvious lies
My sex ed teacher claimed condoms had a 90% failure rate. When I called her on her bullshit and said the failure rate was closer to 3%, she got all bitchy and sent me to the office. Lying cunt.

I was taught in sex ed that condoms don't protect you, so I never used them. Now I have an impressive collection of STDs.
by yayfortaints December 05, 2005
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