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Blue-collar town ninety minutes NW of Chicago that lost its global relevance ten years ago. Home to a mediocre liberal arts college and one aerospace engineering firm which will be in Connecticutt in five years. Everything closes at ten, and the "happening" section of town involves a truck stop and the Perkins restaurant. What a scream.
Rockford is a really fucking great place to live, alright.
by yayaya December 01, 2003
When you come across some unrelated psycopathic or even erotic videos or information which you had not intended to stumble upon.
Dave: Man, you should have seen this wierd video I saw last night!
Tom: What happened?
Dave: I was doing some research on the French when I clicked on this link that lead me to five guys covering eachother in nutella.
Tom: Sounds like somebody ended up in the dark corner of the internet..
by YAYAYA March 06, 2012
A person who wants a song written about her by Strong Bad cuz she's so boring no one else will do it.
And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a song about sibbie.

by YaYaYa August 03, 2003
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