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a stuck up person who thinks they're better than others.
i dont know what's wit Laquesha. ever since she got a new boyfriend, she started actin all boughie.
by yay area baby May 28, 2005
what a lot of baydestrians like to say around christmas time.
dashin thru tha bay
in a broke down chevrolet
thru that hood we go
slappin some mac dre
by yay area baby December 15, 2007
in the bay, this is another name for the city of east palo alto(epa).
person 1: where you stay at?
person 2: mid town on mines, rogue. we too solid.
by yay area baby October 24, 2007
this is when someone takes the silver wrapper from a stick of wrigley's gum (juicy fruit, winterfresh)and folds it over their teeth to make it look like they have on a silver grill. from a distance, it looks as if the person actually has fronts. can also be done with aluminum foil.
person 1: did jamaal get a grill?
person 2: girl, you know he broke. thems is prolly wrigley's fronts.
by yay area baby January 30, 2006
named after tha mcdonalds character. another word for purple(as in weed)
in tha bay, we dance a lil different
ridin on thangs, puffin on grimace

- lyrics to 'u c it' by tha bay area rapper champ bailey
by yay area baby July 10, 2008
the mack is another 1970's blaxploitaion film about a pimp named Goldie. the movie stars Max Julien and Richard Pryor.
Fresh outta jail and on the streets of Oakland, Goldie's gotta make a name for himself as The Mack.
by yay area baby January 18, 2006
to elbow someone. usually done in a crowded place, like a concert or in a club.
if that trick pulls my hair one mo' gain, ima have to throw em bows!
by yay area baby December 31, 2005

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