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The lowest level of horriblility ever. (used as an object)
That was as bad as an OMG LOL.
by YAY November 17, 2003
An apple that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, like you've just been posessed by Satan.
Yummy, grapes from hell.
by yay June 10, 2003
hi i'm win
hi i'm robojoe and i'm apparently win
by yay February 26, 2003
good director, maybe not the best but up there, wrote kill bill both volumes, which unfortunately was lacking in dialogue in my opinion. Also resevoir dogs, pulp fiction and jackie brown. a genius of the film industry
Andrew loves quentin tarantino, but honestly what the fuck is up with when sliced the guys ear off, and poured gasoline on him?
by yay August 01, 2004
Code word for cocaine, but not crack or freebase. Used in the company of non-cokers.

See: yay blow
"Hey man, lets go back to the apartment and throw in some Wutang"
by yay May 28, 2004
yay the word yay meaning, yay for something good
what a yay
by yay November 28, 2003

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