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possibly the most hypocritical team in MLB. most of the red sox players look like hobos picked off the street.. and they have the behavior and manners of street hobos too! their fans are the most obnoxious in MLB, and most pathetic, too. they spend more time cheering "YANKEES SUCK!" than they do cheering their own team. and they think that one world series win in 86 YEARS makes them lords of the universe.last time i checked, a team with 6 world series wins and 86 years of choking is not better than a team that has won 26 world series in the past 26 years. if you want to see an excellent baseball team, go about 200 miles southwest to the bronx and go see the yankees.
"wow. i am the best baseball fan in america. my team is the red sox, and they are THE BEST team in all of the world. i assume that each and every person who lives within a 100 mile radius of NYC is low-class, obnoxious, and ignorant. i don't realize that all those things really just apply to myself. but don't tell me any negative things about my team! if you do, you automatically SUCK. i can't listen to ANYTHING you people say, because i'm narrow-minded and snobby. oh, yeah, i forgot- 'YANKEES SUCK!' ha ha. that's the only thing i know how to say when i'm at fenway pahhkk. the red sox are wicked ahhhhsome!"
by yankees fan for life January 15, 2005

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