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Proof that god punishes us for masturbating
for that sneaky shuffle thou shalt have a shit president for another four years.
by yankeedoodlepoodle November 11, 2004
Document allowing the owner to travel abroad. Yes Americans, you can travel abroad and see the world without invading. There's some nic places out there. There are even nice people out there, even in France! Go on, give it a go.

Apologies to those Americans who own a passport. If you are one of these, and you have actually used your passport well WOOHOO!!! You are in a tiny minority of about 3% of Americans. Pat yourself on the back. I'm genuinely proud of you.
Like a little book with your picture in it. It will have your name and say that you are from America. I really think you might like it!
by yankeedoodlepoodle May 26, 2004
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