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If it exists, someone has a fetish for it. No exceptions.
Guy 1: "Porn of bread? You've gotta be kidding! Who would fap to that?"
Guy 2: "Rule 36."
by Yams May 11, 2007
What the balls are. (It doesn't make a bit of difference, guys.)
"The balls are inert...!" - Piccolo
Really though, inert means doing nothing.
by Yams March 05, 2007
The retarded way to spell hamster. There's no "p" in hamster. Kthnxbai.
Gal: "Aww. Look at the little hampster running on her wheel"
Guy: "Umm..."
by Yams September 09, 2006
The refusal to testify on the grounds that a person's lungs (or other organs) will be viciously chopped up into that of a hamburger.
"I um...can't testify. I fear that my organs will be chopped up into a patty."
"Ah, the 67th amendment."
by Yams April 22, 2008
One of two names the early settlers of Rhode Island considered naming it. According to Family Guy anyway.
So what do we call this state? Lets flip. Heads, Rhode Island. Tails... Cockapoopoopeepeeshire.
by Yams January 22, 2008
FGJ is a rarely used abbreviation for the saying "For Great Justice" which first appeared in the NES videogame, Zero Wing. In most cases, one must take off every zig for great justice, or FGJ. It's usually used in a positive manner, like an encouragement of something you strongly agree with.

FGJ is much like FTW, or for the win.
Random Guy #177: Let's get some food at that suspicious run-down shack over there.
Random Guy #42: Run-down shacks FGJ!
Random Guy #663: Dude, what the f--
by Yams September 06, 2006
OD'd is taking too much of a certain drug or medicine. It's short for overdosed: something that can lead to either extreme happiness, or long periods of misery. Often times the latter.
Samuel: Yeah, Michael OD'd on his meds last night.
Jonathan: Haha, he's probably trippin' balls right now, huh?
Samuel: Sorta. He's crawling around in a fetal position.
by Yams May 29, 2010
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