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The thing between a womans legs that controls our lives. Often called hey-na-nee-na-nee.
I slammed my junk into her pooty and launched some dna.
by Yammer May 08, 2003
Thief who specializes in persuading other thieves to surrender their valuable items.
From the website of Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read:

"My apprenticeship in crime began in the 1970s. This had me robbing massage parlours and taking on contracts to maim and kill rivals. Once I had obtained a doctorate as a "standover man", robbing drug dealers and other criminals, who funnily enough couldn't report me to the police, became childs play. I once told a friend "why rob a straight guy of $20 when you can rob a drug dealer of $10,000 and he can't go running to the police?" After all both involved some work on my behalf, but the man in the street was less likely to give up his $20 as he had to work hard for it. For the drug-dealers it came easy, so why would they put up a fight. Although some of my victims chose to chew razor blades (at their own request of course), before they would hand over cash? And I am the psychopath!
by Yammer February 21, 2004
Orgasm experienced during intoxication.
Lust filled their reddened eyes, as they anticipated the stonegasm to come.
by Yammer January 09, 2004
located directly under a man's junk capable of holding one's nads.
My yambag was filled with a bad batch of oatmeal.I launched a batch of ball gravy from my yambag.
by Yammer May 08, 2003
white gluey substance also called jism,oatmeal,dna or spleug
Clinton launched ball gravy on Monica's blue dress.
by Yammer May 08, 2003

Noun (used as metaphor). Derived from initials of porn compilation "Cum Shot Revue," which is two hours of ejaculations.
1. An amusing and/or obnoxiously excessive display of enthusiasm. 2. A quality derived from or relating to a CSR.
Jennifer says that Disneyland is still the CSR of amusement parks.
by Yammer August 31, 2004
slang for yambag
my yammer was bloated so i rubbed one out
by yammer May 09, 2003
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