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If you were to picture a quintessential Southern campus, Salem College would be it. The oldest women's institution in the nation boasts not only its history and beauty, but also its student body of smart, independent women that work hard and play harder. Unlike other all-women schools, Salem balances brains with beauty--- and has a healthy dose of both. So if you want a Southern girl whose daddy has money but who doesn't feel the need to broadcast it by wearing Lily Pulitzer and Lacoste all the time, come to Salem. You can rest assure that these girls have more important things to worry about than who can dress the cutest. After all, Hollins, Sweet Briar, Meredith, Peace, and RMWC girls will work for them one day...Vera Bradleys and all.
Sassy Southern Sister
by yall42 November 08, 2004

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