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a telephone call made prior to engaging in an activity which will way on a persons conscience
Barry met Sue at the convention, but before he asked her back to his hotel room, he made a conscience clearing call to his wife and children to say goodnight, and to tell them he loves and misses them all very much.
#guilt #preemptive #telephone call #affair #one night stand #moral sense #scruples. qualms
by yalebno June 14, 2010
inability to distinguish ones experiences as to whether they occurred in reality, dreams or imagination
Being diagnosed with Trychosis, he experienced life as a continuous thread of experience traversing between dreams, reality and imagination, over and over, back and forth, so that he was no longer certain what was real, what was fiction, and what had just been a dream.
#delusion #reality #mental illness #trichosis #fantasy #fluid existentialism
by yalebno January 05, 2011
The introduction of a new thread in a conversation, made to keep an otherwise flagging conversation ongoing.
That fact about the discovery of Teflon stayed with me for some reason. I haven’t thought about Teflon since God knows when.”
“This morning,” said Howard. “It’s amazing how those factoids surface.”
“Conversation catalysts,” replied Barry.
#factoid #cocktail chatter #conversation #comment #fact
by yalebno June 14, 2010
sexual act resulting in an orgasm
Unable to persuade is bedmate to engage in lovemaking he tried to ply out of her an agreement for a sexual derivative instead.
#orgasm #cum #blow-job #hand-job #jerk-off #blueballs
by yalebno February 04, 2010
a character in a novel created by the author
Stan carried around the characters from the novel he was writing on a 2-gig memory stick, characters who were always changing and evolving, always, as he was so fond of saying, cybernetically engineered individuals.
#avatar #fiction #writer #character #memory stick #individual
by yalebno June 15, 2010
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