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male pattern balness/and a mullet. When the head is bald and you can only grow half a mullet
Daryl hair aint what it used to be, all he has left is a scullet.
by yaddayadda December 19, 2004
mythical creature similar to Big Foot, found in appalachia, known to eat domesticated animals. Has a blood curdling cry.
I let fifi out to shit and she never came home, the abbagoochi must have got her.
by yaddayadda December 19, 2004
- A short form of the homophobic slur 'faggot'. As with most insults, it can be used among friends as a joke as well.

- (British english) a cigarette.

-(British english, archaic) Term used in UK public schools for a younger student acting as a servant for senior students.
"Oh shut up, ya fag!"

"I'm going out to the supermarket to buy a pack of fags."
by YaddaYadda December 20, 2012
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