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alloy wheels for the car

originates from Leicester, T don
del : "seen my new car, just needs a little buff and a set of roys"

del : "yo, do you wanna buy some roys for your beemer?"
by yadaddytdon March 07, 2010
word of jamaican origin meening to smile and show ones teeth
oswald made fifty brick and now he's skinin teet

skin teeth - smile

skin teeth - grin
by yadaddytdon January 03, 2009
when a mans hair line receeds an abnormal amount, leaving behind a bald large shiny forehead, a lot of young black guys refer to this a a cuss
see mans hair, he's got proper egg roll dan
by yadaddytdon January 03, 2009
to get so badly drunk that you head out of the fire exit of a pub or club to lie down near the bins, in the bins or amongst the bins for a little rest or respite
"are you getting pissed tonight ?"
" yeah mate im going to be in the bins !"
by yadaddytdon January 03, 2009
to dance like you have a broken foot, rather like doing a one step as opposed to a two step
dj fabio was playing heavy tunes and everybody was brook foot skank
by yadaddytdon January 03, 2009
a woman who drinks far too much gin....

usually emotional and seemingly unhinged and wreeking of the stuff, almost like her clothes have been soaked in gin.

also used as a general term for a drunk emotional woman, regardless of the intoxicating liqour of choice.
Tony : "i think that woman is giving me the eye"

Del : "easy man she don't look too steadyon that stool, and she has got ladders in her tights!"

Tony : "i think you are right my friend, i recon she's a gin soaked HAG"

Del : "you can tell by her eyes man, she looks like somebody killed her cat - she is definately a gin saoked

Tony : "best be giving her a wide birth then.........."
by yadaddytdon April 02, 2010
a secret code word for skunk weed or a spliff of skunk weed, originates from leicester in the UK

spreading around the world by exponents of Leicester

also used as a validation that a weed is good quality or strong
"you got any poggy ?"

"can you ger me any poggy?"

"wrap a poggy boh!"

"that weeds Poggy ( that weed is good )
by yadaddytdon January 07, 2009

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