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food stamps
I dont have cash on me. Do you accept nigger visa?
by yaavjndfkngdg June 02, 2011
Hot sauce
Black people use nigger ketchup so much, im suprised they dont put it on their Newport cigarettes.
by yaavjndfkngdg June 02, 2011
Another name for a lazy nigger. You see, niggers are like seagulls. You give seagulls enough food and other things and they stop working for it and expect people to give it to them.
Wow, look at all those seagulls in the welfare line. Newports must be on sale for a short time only.
by yaavjndfkngdg June 02, 2011
A black kids' school bus.
I got lost in the ghetto one day around the time the schools were letting out and I happened to pass a rotten banana that smelled like fried bologna and Newports ... Damn niggers
by yaavjndfkngdg June 02, 2011
The word that best describes black people, other than niggers.
Every employee we have that has darker skin than me is fucking worthless.
by yaavjndfkngdg June 02, 2011
the hair ties that niglette girls use in their hair that have the little balls attached to them. They come in many colors but can only be found on niglette children.
I just saw a rotten banana drive by with 40 niglettes that had nigger knockers in their hair.
by yaavjndfkngdg June 02, 2011

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