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the definition of a crab is a diss to crips because crips kill each other too. so they're crabs. most crip gangs dont like ROLLIN' 60 CRIP; a diss, NAPPS. before CRABS, the diss to crips was called E-Ricket because crips started in EAST LOS ANGELES, a gang called EASTCOAST CRIP, 1-9-0. crips would go around makin' noise, skippin' around and sayin' cuh every other second. so what bloods usually do with their words, they replace the "C" with a "B" but back then they replace the "C" with an "E" to represent EASTCOAST CRIPS. E-RICKET(EASTCOAST CRICKETS).
what happens if you put a whole bunch of crabs in one box. they start fightin' with each other and thats what they do, they fight each other.

"ay blood, look at those crab niggas fightin' each other."
by ya teacher October 14, 2006

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