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Derived from South Park, it can be used as a nickname for somebody called Tim, or something written by Myra and Nose all over TerrorBird's windows. It can also be used as an insult for somebody a bit stupid.
"Alright, Timmeh?"
"Myra, why's Timmeh written all over my windows?"
"You're such a Timmeh!"
by Ya mama June 12, 2003
angry red faced man
by ya mama January 27, 2003
you are a gay troll
dumb slug
by ya mama January 26, 2003
discreet term referring to a woman's genitalia pussy
Man i just saw my girl the other day..had me some chicken. That shit was finger-lickin good.
by Ya Mama January 30, 2004
i feel ya dogg
grunting loafs is dope
by ya mama January 26, 2003
jovo likes eggs
jovo likes eggs
by ya mama January 25, 2003
gay webcam abuser
pizza-fucking slug
by ya mama January 26, 2003
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